Friday, February 3, 2012

Enjoying the Calm Before the Storm

February baby month is here!
We are over 37 weeks pregnant and ready for the baby to come out.  However, my not-so-great clinic I chose when I moved her is not willing to induce me :(  Ryan was induced at 37 weeks and Katie came 2.5 weeks early naturally.  So I was kinda hoping we would be able to have the baby soon.  I have a list of 5 valid reasons on why I should be induced but this clinic and drs could care less...uggh.  Planning child care is towards the top of the list and the only non-medical reason.  We have a few people who can watch the kids for the first 24 hours when I go into labor until family friend/family arrives via plane.  A good friend of mine, Britni from MN, is planning on flying in and staying for the first week to help us manage our other 3 kids while in hospital and transitioning home.  If she can't make it when it happens, Mike's parents will fly in from Palm Springs and watch the kids for us.  They will come the following week if Britni comes the first week.  I've been blessed to have many people offer to watch our kids here in VA but Ryan doesn't know a lot of these friends and with his special needs, he will have to stay with us :(
Hopefully the baby comes soon and I can stop stressing about how this is all going to work out :)  Our next dr appt is 2/8 so I'm hoping I can convince this dr of an induction date.  I had such a great relationship with my ob dr in MN so this experience has been very disappointing and frustrating--its all of these little things that turn into big things when you move.
Looking on the bright side, this delay has and will give me more 1:1 time with Ryan and I've been able to relax and enjoy just hanging out with the kids.  The weather here has been nice--50s and 60s--so we've been able to get out to parks and play outside lately, which is nice to do in winter.  And I have some house projects and taxes to finish so this has given me time to do this and just relax.  I know sleeping in until 8am and then snuggling with Ryan for 20 min will be a thing of the past once the baby arrives so I'm enjoying and appreciating these moments now.
Gotta go for now.  The kids are getting restless.
Have a great week!

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