Friday, September 16, 2011

I am an official blogger now!

I have decided to create a blog to give my life updates to my friends and family.  Now that we are living in Virginia, I find it harder to connect with my true friends and I'm hoping this will help.  I'm not a writer so this might be quite boring for some..bear with me...I might get better as I go :) :)
We have been living in Virginia for almost a month now and it has been one of the longest and hardest months of my life.  Having a baby was much easier...knock on wood...I still have one more to go.  We were in a hotel for a week, camped out at our house for a week until our stuff arrived, and are still unpacking and getting settled.  I still haven't unpacked my flat iron and many other things nor know my home phone number.  Shopping consists of boring stuff like drapes, rugs, trash cans.  Andrew misses MN and his friends a lot, which is hard to see.  Ryan is still struggling with his speech and I've lacked the time to find the resources to help him here in Virginia.  We are still pregnant I think...I should be about 18 weeks now but can't get in for a doctor appointment until the 27th to confirm.  It's depressing to have to start wearing maternity clothes again cause my regular ones won't fit anymore.  But looking on the bright side, at IKEA today, I bought a 6-pk of cinnamon rolls.  Not only did I buy them but when they asked me if I wanted as much extra icing as wanted for $1 more, that was $1 well spent.  If I wasn't pregnant, there's no way I would have bought those rolls in the first place.  I'm really not eating a lot of junk since I'm pregnant as this comment would suggest--it was just humorous that I told them to keep going with the icing, its been a long few weeks and I'm pregnant.  I'll be working off those pounds in about 12 months from now.   Good news is Katie is fine.  She's met some new friends and loves kindergarten and riding her bike without training wheels. 
But I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and try to be positive about this move.  I've signed up for a MOPS group and have requested information for a local MOMS Club, two groups I loved being a part of in MN and have developed amazing friendships from--ones that I miss so dearly nowadays.  Andrew and Katie are playing soccer 2-3 times a week now so maybe I will meet some "soccer moms".  It was awkward going to Andrew's first practice this past MN, I was outgoing and comfortable "in my skin" and would talk to anyone, especially the parents of the other kids on the team.  Here in Virginia, I am so out of my element and the majority of the people don't talk to eachother on the side lines.  Meeting people overwhelm me at this point.  I still have so much unpacking to do and don't feel like I have enough time to reconnect with my MN friends and am tired a lot...much less make new friends.  Focusing on the kids and getting settled is priority now, which isn't all bad.  New friends will come in time.
DisneyWorld is in 15 days...hoping for a great family vacation after all we have been through lately.
I'm tired and going to close for now.  Stay tuned for another post.  Thankful I don't have a character limit with this post like facebook does.  My blog will improve by Christmastime, I promise.


  1. I love that you started a blog! Your writing was great, don't worry about that, just be yourself! I'm glad to hear that you are trying to connect with a few groups out there. Once people get to know you, you'll be making new friends left and right! I miss you dearly here in MN and starting MOPS again will not be the same with you gone. Sydney won't have Andrew and Katie to chase around (or be chased) before heading to her room & I know she will miss that as well. Don't worry about losing connections with us back here - we'll always just pick right back up where we left off - good friends are like that! Love you my friend!

  2. You are sooooo stinkin cute! I loved every "boring" word of your blog. And I so desperately want to just hug you right now. My plan to come surprise you last wknd failed, and now I'm wishing I would have just found a way to make it work. I am so proud of you for making the decision to find a MOPS group and a MOMS club. God will send the perfect moms into your world to come around you right now. Want me to connect with the Field Leaders from there and get some advice on which group??? LOVE YOU JOSIE!!!!!!